This page is an about page of the blog ssh.guru, also known as Wilk’s Notes, also known as IT Wizard Blog, also known as that page that pops up in your Twitter/LinkedIn/FaceBook feed every once in a while.


SSH.Guru is a project bringing together multiple writers with different backgrounds but with one goal in mind - to share their knowledge and expertise with all their fellow IT maniacs out there. Currently, the main SSH.Guru writer team consists of:

  • Paul "IT Wizard" Wilk - owner & main developer of SSH.Guru; vExpert 2018
  • Blazej "Blaze" Nowak - writer & contributor; VMware Ireland Alumni

IT Wizard

Paul Wilk - Virtualization Engineer in Triangle Computer Services, Dublin, Ireland; VMware, Cisco and RedHat certified & looking to expand his collection of certs by pursuing Veeam and Bash/Python acreditation. Original author of SSH.Guru website; Paul started writing this blog as a way of killing his spare time which he had a lot of after moving to Ireland.

Paul has been awarted the VMware vExpert award for the first time in August 2018. He is also scheduled to appear at VMworld Europe as a part of vBrownBag.

You can follow Paul on Twitter @wilk_it_wizard


Blazej Nowak - Virtualization Engineer in Triangle Computer Services, Dublin, Ireland; VMware certified & eager to expand his knowledge in everything virtualization, linux and networking. Blaze is a seasoned VMware administrator with other 7 years of work experience under his belt & nearly 4 years of experience working directly for VMware.

Blaze is looking to follow Paul's footsteps and become vExpert himself in the couple of months. You can follow Blaze on Twitter @vNowakB

The Blog

SSH.Guru is mostly targeted at IT news & tutorials, however you might quickly notice it is also full of opinion articles, reviews and other stuff:

  • Tutorials (Linux/Virtualization/Networking/Other)
    • Quickies – short, informative and simple to follow)
    • BlazingFast - back2basics themed posts about VMware technologies
  • “The Big Ones” – longer, more in-depth articles describing the whole process and theory behind certain operations, tasks or design decisions
  • Articles – opinions on certain IT-related subjects, computing history lessons etc.
  • News – short articles describing the latest rumors and announcements in the IT world

The Other Projects

At the moment, SSH.Guru is also a homepage for the Vision OWA Client - a Microsoft Exchange OWA client for all operating systems on the market:

  • "Vision Client" - Open-source OWA thin client for Linux/macOS/Windows

There are also two other big projects (both still in development), which are going to be closely related to this blog:

  • “IT Wizard” YouTube channel – basically, similar stuff to the Tutorial/Article posts but in video format with live commentary
  • “Virux OS” – Linux distribution designed for virtualization admins (example features: many easy deployment options, pre-built virtualization tools, many “Linux” noob tools for the less Unix-capable admins)


SSH.Guru writers are also often taking part in different tech events around Europe. The following list consist of past & future event which we are (or were) attending:

  • Paul | 5th November 2018 @ 5PM: vBrownBag Meeting: VMworld Barcelona 2018:
    “My IT Rehab Trip: From Datacenter-in-a-Garage to Cloud Infrastructure”
  • Paul | 2nd February 2018: Ireland VMUG Meeting: Member Session:
    “Challenges of implementing backup policies in the public sector and future changes that will need to be considered with GDPR on the horizon”
  • Paul | 15th March 2017: Poznan University of Technology IT Group Meeting:
    “Why I chose virtualization over programming”
  • Paul | 10th December 2016: Poznan University of Technology IT Group Meeting:
    “Security in modern IP networks”