VMworld Paper Accepted

Believe it or not - Wilk's going to VMworld as a speaker!

VMworld Paper Accepted

So it turns out I will be in fact speaking at VMworld Barcelona 2018!

After waiting for a couple of weeks, I can finally say that my application for a vBrownBag session has been successfully accepted. I was given a timeslot of 5:00-5:30PM on Tuesday, November 6th.


Here's some info about vBrownBag from their official website:

we work in IT infrastructure and we help other people in the IT industry to be better at their jobs by learning about IT. The most frequent activity is producing the vBrownBag podcasts and we also produce TechTalks at conferences.

The vBrownBag crew host podcasts where community members present on topics that will help others in the community. Some podcast series are aimed at helping people achieve certifications for example VMware’s VCP and VCAP certifications. Other podcasts help community members learn an entirely new subject area like the Couch to OpenStack series.

All of the vBrownBag sessions will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube after the VMworld week finishes - I'll post the link to my recording in this post.

For now, I'd like to take this opportunity to say thank to severyone who supported me during the application process and before. I wouldn't get this chance without you all and the readers of this blog.

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