The Blaze of SSH.Guru

A new challenger approaches - Blazej Nowak - VMware alumni has joined the SSH.Guru team and will soon release his first two posts!

The Blaze of SSH.Guru

Let me introduce you to the new writer joining the SSH.Guru team - Blazej Nowak!

<profile picture missing cause Blaze's shy>

You can follow Blazej on Twitter @vNowakB or get in touch on LinkedIn

Blaze the VMware guy

Blazej, or Blaze as he's known in the office, a colleague of my, is currently working in Triangle Computer Services on a position of VMware 2nd Level Support Specialist.

His journey with VMware began very long time ago (some say it was in early 1900s). Later on, Blaze joined VMware Technical Support Team and then, after over 3 years working in there, decided to move to Triangle.

Blaze is a well known SRM and vSphere expert (not a vExpert yet!), eager to learn more and more. I must say I'm very proud to have him join the SSH.Guru team.

Start reading!

Here are the links to the first two posts written by Blazej. Hopefully, this list will expand like crazy in the next couple of months!

BlazingFast.1 | Re-creating VM disk descriptor files made easy

Do you think Blaze will be a good addition to the SSH.Guru roster? The Complain Office can be contacted at #sshguru on Twitter!

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