A.K.A. a collection of low effort posts

Q.6 | SFTP Linux Server

In this installment of the Quickie series, we’re going to setup a Linux SFTP Server from the ground up. This includes setting up the OS, going through the initial configuration and some other details.

Q.2 | Reset ESXi Root Password

Admit it. This can happen to all of us. Somebody was changing the root password while intoxicated, without a notepad at hand or had a sudden memory loss. Whatever’s the reason, you’re now locked out of your own host. What now?

Quickie.1 | Underpowered vSphere

Quickie (noun): 1. a rapidly consumed alcoholic drink. 2. a brief act of sexual intercourse. Today we’re going to add a third definition to that list: 3. a low effort (but still informative) blog post.