A.K.A. a collection of low effort posts

Q.12 | Fixing Linux Boot

If your laptop/PC/virtual machine running Linux is booting straight to BIOS, it might indicate there’s something wrong with your boot partition (/boot). In this post I’m going to learn you a thing or two about fixing said /boot partition and recovering a broken Linux system.

Q.10 | File Server migration using VMware

With VMware vSphere you can migrate a vmdk virtual disk to a different VM retaining Windows NTFS permissions in a very easy way. This allows you to quickly migrate the data from in an event of File Server redesign or emergency failover (i.e. during a cyber attack etc.)

Q.9 | Corrupt VMX following vHardware upgrade

Few days ago, I was doing regular upgrades within one of the vSphere environments I’m responsible for. During these upgrades, I’ve noticed there are some Windows 2008 R2 servers still on vHardware version 10.

Q.8 | Stuck Veeam Console

Veeam Management Console is a handy application usually found on the main Veeam server within the infrastructure or on a dedicated “Console” server. While the console itself is pretty awesome, it is sometimes quite tedious to troubleshoot or repair...

Q.7 | Thin to Thick Disk Conversion

Let’s talk about virtual disks a bit – today we’re going to convert a VMDK from thin to thick provisioning. This operation is quite simple and doesn’t really require much preparation, however I thought I’ll post a quickie about it...