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Homelab 2.1 | Nesting

As my move to Ireland was quite unexpected and unplanned, I had to sell my homelab. For the past few months I was a refugee, an outcast trying to get something done on an outdated laptop which I was jokingly referring to as mobile-lab. The decision was made to end this and get new gear.

OpenVPN Server Setup | Part 2

In this tutorial, we’re going to finish up the OpenVPN setup. What’s left to do is creating client configuration file (.ovpn), which is going to contain all the info required by the OpenVPN client for establishing a VPN connection.

OpenVPN Server Setup | Part 1

We’re all lazy, aren’t we? If you think about it for a second, everything you do is more or less aimed at making your life easier, simpler and less-time consuming. Think about your last project.

Virtual Router Setup

Essential network components are sometimes the hardest to configure without knowing the basics. When I first started working on a virtual environment, I didn’t even know I had to setup networking! It took me weeks to understand fully how all the VMware “parts” speak to each other.