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Troubleshooting Kernel Panic (ESXi/Linux)

Kernel panic on Linux is hard to identify and troubleshoot. Finding a root cause of a kernel panic often requires reproducing a situation that occurs rarely and collecting data that is difficult to gather.

Linux 5.0 is... still not here

Recently, Linus Torvalds announced the release of Linux 4.17. The release comes a couple of months after the first release candidate, and in his message Torvalds also talks about version 5.0 of the Linux kernel.

Q.12 | Fixing Linux Boot

If your laptop/PC/virtual machine running Linux is booting straight to BIOS, it might indicate there’s something wrong with your boot partition (/boot). In this post I’m going to learn you a thing or two about fixing said /boot partition and recovering a broken Linux system.

Q.6 | SFTP Linux Server

In this installment of the Quickie series, we’re going to setup a Linux SFTP Server from the ground up. This includes setting up the OS, going through the initial configuration and some other details.

Homelab 2.1 | Nesting

As my move to Ireland was quite unexpected and unplanned, I had to sell my homelab. For the past few months I was a refugee, an outcast trying to get something done on an outdated laptop which I was jokingly referring to as mobile-lab. The decision was made to end this and get new gear.

OpenVPN Server Setup | Part 2

In this tutorial, we’re going to finish up the OpenVPN setup. What’s left to do is creating client configuration file (.ovpn), which is going to contain all the info required by the OpenVPN client for establishing a VPN connection.