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VMware NSX 6.4.2 - what's new?

VMware has released a new version of NSX Data Center - 6.4.2; in this post we are going to quickly run through what are the upgrades and changes introduced with this release.

FreeNAS new GUI + more

Huge new release of the FreeNAS project. New GUI, new Jails framework and FreeBSD boot loader instead of the goold ol’ GRUB.

Linux 5.0 is... still not here

Recently, Linus Torvalds announced the release of Linux 4.17. The release comes a couple of months after the first release candidate, and in his message Torvalds also talks about version 5.0 of the Linux kernel.

Microsoft® Github

Microsoft has confirmed reports that it is acquiring software development platform GitHub. The firm is paying $7.5B in stock.

Intel OpenVINO - AI and Vision for Edge Computing

Yesterday, Intel officially announced its Open Visual Inference & Neural Network Optimization (OpenVINO) toolkit, formerly known as “Intel Computer Vision SDK.” This is another step in Intel’s journey into learning neural networks and open APIs.

Oracle Autonomous Cloud Databases

Oracle this week announced Oracle Autonomous Analytics Cloud, Oracle Autonomous Integration Cloud and Oracle Autonomous Visual Builder Cloud, three Platform-as-a-Service databases that the company says will “automate and eliminate key tasks” for enterprises thanks to built-in algorithms.