Podcast Debut - IT Reality "Linux in IT"

Now you can listen to my ramblings on Spotify, iTunes and many other podcast platforms... lovely.

Podcast Debut - IT Reality "Linux in IT"

This week I made my podcasting debut by joining Vince Wood (@mvwood) on the latest episode of his IT Reality show - "Linux in IT".

To be honest, I was quite nervous about it as I'd never consider myself as someone interesting enough to do a podcast episode with but what the hell - I'll just let yall judge if it was a goood idea or not.

In the episode, Vince & I discuss how Linux is being utilized in modern infratrctures, how to get better at Linux, what certification there are and just share some general tips about day-to-day Linux operations. I hope you will find this recording enjoyable and please do let me know what you think by Twitter, comments or a post pidgeon.

You can listed to the episode on Spotify, Google Podcasts or on the official Zencast page of ITR.

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