NSX Certified + vExpert NSX

Two NSX goals achieved in one week! Will I also go for a third one this year? #VCAP

NSX Certified + vExpert NSX

What a week!

This Monday, I finally passed the VMware Certified Professional NSX 2019 exam and achieved the VCP-NV 2019 certification. This exam was really demanding and tough, while also extremely satisfying to pass!

I was actually going to publish this post just like that, but... barely a week after passing the NSX exam, I was also selected as one of the brand new vExpert NSX 2019! I must say, I wasn't really expecting to qualify this year but this doesn't mean I'm unhappy about getting it "prematurely" - I'm actually delighted!

Having achieved both of these awesome NSX titles, I'm really starting to think about going for a VCAP in this field. What do you think? Has any of my readers actually got a VCAP-NV before any other VCAP certs? Let me know!

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